RoboMail allows you to send personalized marketing emails
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RoboMail is a program I use every day for sending emails. It is mainly designed for business purposes, but I use it for personal mailing, too.
I like it when all my mail is personalized and stands out from other mails or even junk mails. I have noticed that the mail which isn’t spam is almost always read by the recipients, especially, when the attachments can be personalized, too. RoboMail can do all these things, and even more. For example, a feature of this application that I particularly appreciate is the fact that I can set the time when the e-mails are sent: they can be sent out immediately or in pre-defined time intervals. In addition, sending speed can be adjusted.

This utility is also very easy to use and saves a lot of time for me. For example, the Address Book is easy to manage and helps me organize everything: multiple groups for different categories of contacts, the possibility to import information from Excel, CSV or text files and its options for storing additional information related to the contacts I have.

It may not seem such a big thing for some people, but everything that RoboMail does for me is very helpful, and I am completely satisfied with my acquisition. I would sincerely recommend it to anybody who may need a mass mail tool of this kind.

Amelia Wagner
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  • The program creates personalized emails
  • Emails can be sent out in scheduled time


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